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Raw by Bek

Our Athletes Achieving Big Goals!

By August 10, 2016 No Comments

More than an awesome workout, more than an incredible environment, more than the biggest burn in the shortest time, Raw is building the fitness levels of our athletes every single day. It is SO encouraging to see our Athletes take on massive fitness goals and achieve them!

Just this month, we have had a few #slay moments – known as the OG (old girl…), the incredible Kerry ticked the Townsville half-marathon off the bucket list, completing the run in 2 hours! However, more than the run, what Kerry was so surprised as was how quick her recovery was post-race! Rather than taking a few days (or weeks!) to recover like she usually does, she was back in action, smashing out some hardcore sessions right away, no problem whatsoever! How cool does she look!


Never underestimate what a group of determined, passionate women can achieve! Our ‘little ones’, Ang and Suz, took on the incredible challenge of the Kokoda Challenge, trekking 108km – non-stop – to raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. Facing less-than-ideal weather (when it rains, it pours), these ladies showed true courage and strength, completing the trek in just under 40hrs. Such an incredible achievement!