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Raw by Bek

Athlete of the Week

By July 17, 2017 No Comments

“I always used to look in at the Raw classes and think: I could never do that, I’m not fit enough, everyone else is so much fitter than me, there is no way I can do endless rounds of burpees and tuck jumps!”

Oh how the tables have turned for Lucy, our Athlete of the Week!

Convinced by her sister to join the current Raw Transformation Series 12 Week Challenge (#rawts2016), Lucy made the brave step into her first Raw class only a few months ago. And aren’t we glad she did!

Fast-forward a few weeks and Lucy is officially a Raw fan-girl! Committing to 4 sessions each week, we have seen her go from not only completing, but absolutely smashing each session she attends.

Her fitness levels have sky rocketed and she has now built lasting ‘accountability’ relationships with fellow Raw Athletes.

However, perhaps the biggest breakthrough is seeing that all-too-common 3pm energy slump GONE! Lucy is now able to power through each day with more energy than ever (one of the best side effects of the Raw Training sessions!).

Celebrating her birthday this week, we hope and know that this will be Lucy’s BEST year yet!

Congratulations Luc! We are SO proud.

This week, Lucy is being pampered with a few complimentary hair and beauty treatments, courtesy of