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Raw by Bek

Athlete of the Week

By July 17, 2017 No Comments

Since the beginning of Raw, a strong emphasis has been placed on eliminating the ‘quick-fix’ mentality and adopting one of ‘I’m-in-this-for-life’ aka #fitgirl.

As the business end of the current Transformation Series Challenge approaches, many Athletes have adopted this very mentality. As a result, we have given the challengers the option to upgrade their participation to Raw Athlete Membership, showing their commitment to living the fittest life yet and saving some $$$ along the way!

Congratulations goes to Beckie (aka Raw’s official go-to hairdresser extraordinaire) for not only being Raw’s newest Member, but for taking out Athlete of the Week!

Smashing out an awesome 4-5 Raw sessions each week and committing to eating entirely vegan for the challenge, the results are clearly showing (we are holding off until the end of the challenge to reveal the before/after shots. Just you wait…)!

This is just the beginning of an incredible life transformation – bring it on!

Check out Beckie’s insane hair skills (she’s good with her hands…) HERE

All Raw Athletes get a discount when booking with her! #winning

Beckie is being pampered this week with a free eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and wax and a few other goodies thanks to Rellie @ Active Beauty Bar!

Learn more about Raw Packages & Memberships HERE