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Raw by Bek

Athlete of the Week

By July 17, 2017 No Comments

Who’s your biggest inspiration? Who are you motivated by? Better yet, who can you be an inspiration for?

This week’s Athlete of the Week is one of our biggest inspirations and is, in turn, changing lives of those around her.

Congratulations to the gorgeous Aleah for taking out this week’s title!

Not only has Aleah radically transformed her life (and is only just getting started!) but she is now using health and fitness to change the lives of others. As a youth worker, she is using her love for fitness to shatter barriers mentally, emotionally and physically with those she works with. Through taking Raw to the streets, Aleah is challenging the youth of today to train harder, faster and stronger.

Backtracking slightly, let’s take a moment to celebrate Aleah’s transformation thus far!


Aleah, we are SO proud of all you have and are continuing to achieve. However, beyond your own transformation, we are beyond excited to witness first-hand the lives you are changing for the better. Thanks for being an Ultimate Raw Athlete!

Aleah receives a cute little package of goodies (did someone say free stuff?) thanks to: