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Raw by Bek

Athlete of the Week

By July 17, 2017 No Comments

From the early days of Raw, Kimberley has been one of the most dedicated Raw Athletes. The second she enters the studio, it’s clear to see she means business.

It has been proven time and time again that consistency and dedication creates the biggest changes, and Kimberley is no exception! Committing herself to a minimum of 5 Raw Training sessions each week, Kimberley is now at the level of training faster than the trainers! She is one of our biggest motivations, keeping us pushing ourselves as hard as we push her! It’s a power team!

And what a transformation is taking place right before our eyes!

And, like all our Athletes, Kimberley has made Raw Training a part of her lifestyle, always pushing striving to jump higher, lift heavier and stay to that blood-pumping beat of the music right the way to the finish line!

A massive congratulations on achieving Athlete of the Week status Kimmy! Bring on the next 12 months of the best workouts yet!

Kimberley is being treated this week to some pampering from Rellie at Active Beauty Bar (FF Carindale)