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Raw by Bek

The Raw by Bek Project Show – Episode 1

By September 19, 2019 No Comments

Episode 1 – Welcome to the RBB Project Show!

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Raw by Bek Project Show!

In this vid: a little bit about us, combating negative self talk, and a sneaky discount code (watch ’til the end!)

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Episode 1 – 17/9/19
Bek: Yeah, it’s recording.
Bek: We at the RBB Studio Project Show. We at the RBB Studio Project Show. We at the RBB Studio Project Show. We at the RBB Studio Project Show.
Bek: Hello and welcome to the very first Raw by Bek Project Show. We are here on site in the beautiful RBB studio, on this wonderful spring day, and we first and foremost want to thank you so much for making the project exactly what it is. It has been so cool to see so much engagement, so many of you in there, in the last two weeks.
Bek: Now the Project Show is designed essentially for you. So if you have anything ever that you want to know, possibly a topic, carbs, keto all those fancy things. You want to know about dogs we can help you with that as well, which is obviously super important. But this first one, well we want to make sure we introduce ourselves, let you know a little bit about what the show is going to be about, and, we’re going to give you a really sneaky promo code. So if you listen to the end, we’ve got a really sneaky little exclusive RBB Project promo code, for you guys to get a mad discount on anything on the online store.
Bek: Do we want to introduce you first?
Emily: Sure. My name is Emily. I have worked here for about a year now and I am Bek’s PA. I’m also a trainer in training. And what’s a fun fact about me? I danced for over twelve years, so yeah.
Bek: That’s kinda cool. My name is Bek. I occasionally like to come hang out here every now and then, so, you’ll probably see me. I am director of Raw by Bek, I’m the owner, creator and yeah something like that. So I’m like the ‘Bek’ of Raw by Bek, but it’s not that big of a deal. So, it’s nice to meet you. And a fun fact about me, it’s actually kind of a little bit embarrassing but I consume two kilos of sweet potato every week, because I’m super obsessed with it. So, if you ever need to buy me anything, my birthday is coming up, please just get me some sweet potato. I will love you forever.
Emily: Get some vouchers for the fruit and veg store.
Bek: Exactly. And we have one extra very special person who is behind the scenes.
Bek: “Come join!”
Bek: This is Sharna. Everybody say “Hi Sharna”.
Emily: Charcoal says ‘Hi’.
Bek: This is Charcoal by the way. Tell us about yourself Sharna.
Sharna: I am the Studio Manager here, and I have been working here for, what, nearly three years. Two and a half. And I am also a Production Manager, hence why I’m behind the scenes with the dog. A fun fact about myself is I’m terrified of pool drains.
Bek: It is actually really true. So if you sent her any photos over the next twenty four hours, just make sure that they are pool drains and she will love you forever. She also manages the animals. You know how they say don’t work with children and animals? Sharna manages all of those things, which is awesome.
Bek: Awesome. It’s so nice to meet you and we’re super excited for this. To kind of, I guess, give you a little bit of an idea as to what’s going to happen for today’s show, we’re gonna tell you a little bit about RBB, a little bit about the project, and we’re going to answer some of the questions that everybody has put in there.
Bek: Just speaking on the project, there’s been some really cool things that have happened, and Emily and I were chatting the other day about it and we were like “What’s the coolest thing that’s happened in the project over the last two-ish weeks?”
Emily: I’m a number’s girl, I love my numbers and so that’s what I find really cool. So, in 13 days, we’ve had a growth of 423 members. Upper, you know, above that. So welcome to the family!
Bek: We had the goal of having 200 members. We were like “Let’s get 200 members in a month”.
Emily: And we doubled that in less than that.
Bek: So if you have any friends, we wanna get to 500, and 500 quality people. People that can really benefit from it. So if you know anyone, make sure you add them or invite them into the group.
Bek: The coolest thing that’s happened in the group for me, is that there is someone from Madagascar. I was like “What the hell?”. How does RBB even get to Madagascar? I have no idea. Africa! That’s my super cool thing, so if you have any friends from other crazy countries, make sure you invite them too.
Emily: We’re going global.
Bek: Which is super super cool. Now, another couple of really cool things that have happened over the last couple of weeks. We launched our brand new apparel line, which is super exciting, so we’ve definitely had a heap of people in the studio purchase them. We’ve had heaps of people online jump on. Obviously we’re gonna give you a discount code in today’s, but we thought we’d just show you what the apparel looks like. We’ve also got towels. So let’s get all of that sorted. I just wanna get myself ready, pick myself up.
Bek: Alright, so let’s do this.
Bek: Introducing, the new RBB apparel, and towels. Something fun.
Bek: So that’s the brand new RBB apparel. Obviously we have all the awesome quotes on them. So we have four different quotes. We’ve got “Good freaking morning”, “Yes or yes?”, we’ve then got “This means war” and “Hey, hot stuff”. So four different types. Obviously the booty shorts as well, which are a bit bootylicious. Towels, all that fun stuff, so make sure that you jump online and check all of that out. But we just wanna get into the questions for today.
Bek: Thank you so much to everybody who asked the questions. And really keen to hear your feedback on them.
Emily: I’ll do the question asking and Bek will do the question answering for a lot of these ones. Alrighty Bek.
Emily: First question: What made you become who you are, and how has this shaped you as a person and what it’s doing for the community?
Bek: Definitely 100% who I am as a person is because of my family. So I was raised in a really awesome family, and I was definitely challenged all the time to be my best, and I think that’s something that’s definitely come through with RBB. So my dad has his own business, and I can remember even from a really early age, being in his office. He used to have his office downstairs in our house, and I used to go down and work with him and I always saw how he worked really hard and how he made progress. It was just evident that if you work hard and put the work in, that good things can happen. So that’s definitely been the main thing that’s shaped me and I think that’s really come out in the community, is that we all have a really awesome work ethic, we all have a dream and we’re all sharing the same vision, and that dream is to help as many people as possible, thus the project.
Bek: That’s definitely, yeah. Shout out to Mum and Dad, and Megan for keeping me sane. If you don’t know Megan, she’s my sister, we’ll make her do a guest appearance at  a later date.
Emily: And all your family pets as well.
Bek: Yes
Emily: Okay, so what was the hardest thing you had to conquer before you became the Raw by Bek facility?
Bek: So, Raw by Bek, as in the studio space that it is right now, is actually here because I created a workout concept. So, I noticed, in about 2015, when I was just working as a personal trainer, and I really loved teaching group fitness. And I taught group fitness for other gyms, and I just found that there was something so special that happened when people worked together.
Bek: Personally, in doing my own research, I’ve noticed that there was this really special way of training called ‘High Intensity Interval Training’, that wasn’t really a big thing at the moment, so I did as much research as I possibly could around it, and just started to create these workouts that were 30 minutes initially, and it was getting the biggest bang for your buck. And I just noticed within my clients and within myself, that my body just started changing really quickly, which is where, obviously I then started running them as classes and it’s a huge story that we’ll obviously have to go into at a later date, because we would need so much more time to explain it, and there’s stuff that I wanna really deep dive in with you guys, but, on that, I created almost something that was filling a gap in the market.
Bek: Where people were getting busier and busier, and we weren’t really enjoying our workouts, and as a result of that, people would kind of go into the gym doing stuff, kind of enjoying it, kind of not, leaving and that was it. So I really wanted to create this space where people could get the biggest bang for their buck, in the shortest period, and have so much fun in the process. That’s where RBB kind of came from. And then the most challenging thing in that, was in actually proving ourselves. Imagine coming up with an idea, having a dream, seeing that it works, but then actually proving to everyone else in the world that it is the best thing, which is so challenging. It really took a long, long time to conquer that.
Bek: The other thing is that, because I was creating the workout concepts, I also was then trying to run the business at the same time and, it’s almost like running a massive company or thinking about running a massive company and what that’s going to look like without ever having done it, and without ever having, I guess, any experience. That’s where mentors really helped me as much as possible along the way. But,yeah, creating a tribe, building a community, enforcing culture was so challenging. It’s something that obviously I feel like we’ve done so well, but it’s not been easy. So that was really hard.
Emily: Awesome. So what or who inspired you to create RBB?
Bek: First things first, obviously my dad, because my dad has a really successful business or has run really successful businesses, so seeing him work really hard. He has been an incredible inspiration to me. Also beyond that, it’s the people. Everyone that comes in and does RBB and just to see you guys love exercise, fall in love with exercise. Even Emily, was not an exerciser, her mum dragged her here. She fell in love with it. Seeing people’s lives transformed, but not even just in the fitness element, but actually seeing emotionally, psychologically, their whole lives changed, oh, man alive… You know how we’re all built with a purpose and we feel like we need to fulfill that purpose? Seeing people actually outwork their purposes because of a workout is the greatest thing ever. Our little model is not behaving herself today, sorry about that.
Emily: What is your way to deal with challenging moments? So you’ve touched on challenging moments before. What’s your way of dealing with those moments from the beginning of RBB until now?
Bek: Definitely having your eyes on the vision. So not taking your eyes off the prize. Business is really hard, like, so hard. There are so many times when it is so much easier to stop, and when we do go more into the RBB story as we move along, our first one to two years was like death. It was so hard, and there was so many times that it could have just been so much easier to stop. But, because I had the vision from the beginning, and I was seeing in front of my eyes every day people, almost relying on the product to work. Because if it stopped, what would it have been? We actually would have no idea. Where would we go? So making sure I keep my head in the right place, to make sure that throughout myself and the team, that we continue to remind ourselves of why we’re doing what we’re doing and what the vision is.
Emily: One last question. Are there any tips or tricks that you can share that can help overcome the mental battle that goes on in your mind while working out, other than self-talk. So this person has said, ‘my emotions win me over just about every time during my workout, and not in the way I want it to’.
Bek: Definitely. Obviously self-talk. Quite often we can have negative self-talk, and that’s the thing that really plays with us. Now when you’re exercising, what’s happening is that all of your emotions are actually amplified because you’re physically being pressed. So when you feel that physical pressure, quite often the first thing that’s emotionally draining you is gonna come to the surface, which is why you actually… I know that people say “other than self-talk” you realise your body will only ever follow suit with what your mind tells it. And the battle field of the mind is the most challenging concept to overcome. If you are actually prepared for battle before going to the battle, you will be victorious.
Bek: Having positive affirmations and speaking life into everything you’re doing. It’s just something that Emily and I and the entire team work on daily, where we write out ‘I am strong’, ‘I am fit’, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am confident’, because your body can only do what you say and what you think. So start with that. Write down your ‘I ams’, whether it’s not something you believe, that doesn’t matter. It has to start with ‘this is what I want to be, so this is where I’m going’.
Emily: And once you’ve written them out, speak them out, and so you believe it when you speak it. At first you may not believe it, but trust me, it does come after a little while. It’s something I’m definitely learning.
Emily: I wanted to jump in on that, and just sort of give my opinion on that answer that question. One thing that really helps get me through it is the music. I’ll focus on the beat, the rhythm, that drives me absolutely. Whether it be the lyrics, you can sing along. Sometimes they will be super empowering, sometimes they’ll be like not great, but that’s okay. Or the beat, that’s just one of the big ones for me.
Bek: Which is why RBB is totally to-the-beat. We’ve realised, and there’s so many studies, and I’m going to start sharing them with you just upon how effective training to music is. It just takes you to the next level.
Emily: On that, the music, that’s going to take us to our pop culture segment.
Bek: We realised essentially, everyone in this place we want to know what’s going on in pop culture. So we’ve finally taken it upon ourselves to give you our favourite thing each week in pop culture. Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts on this.
Emily: Sometimes in the studio we get a little bit behind with pop culture because we don’t watch the news. But, we’re getting there, and this is going to help us keep on top of it. So, first things first, one thing that we’re really good at staying on top of is with the music, and so, out of the top 100 they’ve released, 5 Seconds of Summer have released a new song, and it’s called ‘Teeth’.
Bek: Speaking of which, I actually had no idea who ‘5SOS’ was; that’s how old I now am. I know the Jonas Brothers, I’m great with the Jonas Brothers, but Emily keeps me up to date with boy bands.
Emily: We’ve been currently loving that song in the studio, and wanted to share that with you, but, on that, it’s really interesting because 5 Seconds of Summer have started up a challenge, and it’s called the #TEETHchallenge. And so Bek and I are going to do the ‘Teeth’ challenge.
Emily: Do you want to play it then?
Bek: Warm myself up.
Emily: La la la la la.
Emily: “Talk so pretty but your heart got teeth”
Bek: Nailed it.
Bek: That’s amazing.
Emily: That’s my pop culture. That’s what I brought to the table.
Bek: Has anyone heard of the ‘Teeth challenge’ before or was it just me that totally did not hear that prior. I didn’t know about it at all, but if you’ve done the ‘Teeth challenge’ please feel free to share.
Emily: Yes! Do it in the comments. Oh my goodness.
Bek: So my pop culture thing for this week is a really sad thing, I finished Younger. Does anyone have Stan? Yes. And does anyone watch Younger?
Emily: Well actually, we have access to Sharna’s Stan. Thanks Sharna. We both have Sharna’s password.
Bek: She has my Netflix account, anyways…
Bek: And I was super behind, and I was trying to catch up, but savour at the same time.
Emily: I binge-watch, Bek savours. I was waiting for her to catch up and so she’s finally caught up, finished season six.
Bek: I finished Younger on Saturday or Sunday, or whenever it was, and I’m so disappointed because I now don’t know what to watch. So please give me recommendations. I was a bit disappointed with the finishing, to be totally honest. I’m now going to have to wait until next year, until they actually say whether she chooses Josh or Charles, which I’m really disappointed about.
Bek: What I wanna know is… what is your take on this?. Are you team Josh or are you team Charles. Obviously I have my own opinion, and I’m gladly gonna share it with you right now, but just in case you haven’t seen, this here… you see that? “Josh”, “Charles”. “Josh”, “Charles”. I just want to be really clear with y’alls. A couple of things, I’m going to preempt my take on this with the fact that I’m 26 years old, so, Josh is also 26 years old. Of course I’m going to find him sexier than Charles; Charles could be my father, maybe not quite. He could be Emily’s father. But on this note, I just want to know, what team are you? Team Josh or team Charles? Just going back, Josh now has a child. The reason why they broke up right from the get-go, was that she said she definitely did not want to have children. She already has a daughter.
Emily: She doesn’t want to have children again because she’s 42. She doesn’t want to go through the process again.
Bek: Totally understandable, whereas Josh really wanted a child. Wow, amazing! Josh now has a child. The thing with Charles, Charles is super successful, he’s got this awesome company, but he’s got so much baggage, he’s got an ex-wife who’s psycho, his two daughters that he’s now going to share the time with, and you already know that the TV show is gearing us up to be team Josh.
Emily: Can I just jump in here? Charles is just slightly boring. He’s just boring. Yes he’s lived his life, but now he is just boring, whereas Josh, he’s exciting.
Bek: The things that really count in life, not that I’m a pro at this at all, but has she ever said that the sex with Charles is good? No! It’s all with Josh, not that’s really even a point. I’m not the person to talk about the topic, but… totally stabbing in the dark right here. But, Josh is a babe, he cares about the good things in life; he actually has a huge future ahead of him, because of the tattoo parlour. You just see the way that they look at each other and the way that they long, I am 100% team Josh.
Bek: Are you team Josh?
Emily: I am 100% team Josh.
Bek: Sharna hasn’t watched the show, so Sharna’s now going to go home and catch up on the next week to give her opinion on this.
Emily: Sharna, from first impressions, what are your thoughts?
Sharna: Josh.
Bek: Even Sharna likes Josh. Sharna is nearly the same age as Liza, so it counts.
Bek: Charcoal’s a sucker for tattoos, so she likes Josh. And on that note, tattoos are becoming sexier and sexier. When I first… I think my mother raised me to not like them, but now, I’m like, they’re actually very nice. On that note, I would love for you to comment whether your team Josh or team Charles, but you’ve got to say why. You can’t just be like “Oh, I’m team Charles”, you’ve actually got to prove me wrong. Let me know why you’re team Josh. But on that note, is there anything else that we need to chat about Emily?
Emily: I don’t think so.
Bek: I think that’s everything. The only other thing that we now need to give you guys is your sneaky promo code, for your RBB apparel. Obviously, we want to make it exclusive to you guys, so your promo code is ‘rbbproject’, all one word, all lowercase, r, b, b, p, r, o, j, e, c, t. That’ll give you 15% off anything in the online store. So whether that’s booty bands, apparel, towels, booty program, anything. Now, it is valid for two weeks. Get on that, jump on it. And please, let us know for next week any topics that you want, anything that you guys want to know. We’re here to help you and make sure you guys live your best life every single day. On that note, we love you, xoxo. Gossip girl.
Bek: We are the RBB Project Show.
Bek: Team Josh. Team Josh. Team Josh. Team Josh. Team Josh.