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Raw by Bek

The Raw by Bek Project Show – Episode 3

By October 11, 2019 No Comments

Episode 3 – The DL on Alcohol

In Episode 3 of the Project Show, we give you the DL on alcohol – how many calories are in your fave alcoholic drinks? What is the ‘better’ option? Can you have a few drinks AND still make progress towards your goals?

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Episode 3 – 3/10/19
Bek: RBB Project Show. RBB Project Show. RBB Project Show. RBB Project Show. RBB Project Show. RBB Project Show. RBB Project Show. Are you ready for the RBB Project Show?
Bek: Hello everybody and welcome to episode three of the RBB Project Show. We are so excited to bring you one topic and one topic only, today. We are going to be talking about all things alcohol, and to help us along the way, we brought an old friend.
Emily: I’ve already drank out of that one.
Bek: Is it alcohol, is it not? You’ll never know. Cheers.
Emily: Cheers.
Bek: Eyes. So it’s been such a wonderful week in the group. We are having some awesome engagement. People are chatting about all things brunch. Now, Emily asked where we should be going for brunch, what our brunch suggestions are. Now did anybody actually go on any of these adventure places? Was there somewhere that you went?
Emily: Tell us what you ate. Show us photos. I mean I had like a great eggs on toast. Hey what’s my order? What’s my order?
Bek: Eggs on toast, gluten free. Did you get bacon?
Emily: Yeah.
Bek: Yeah, and bacon. Sunny side up?
Emily: Yeah, yeah.
Bek: And a hot chocolate?
Emily: Yeah. That’s literally my meal.
Bek: Emily hasn’t graduated past the age of 12, it’s fine. We are always looking for new places.
Emily: We have like three that we rotate. And it’s like, “Where are we going this weekend?”
Bek: This week, obviously we want to get right into the nitty gritty of everything. We, in the studio here, are gearing up for the end of our eight week challenge, which has just been such an incredible eight weeks. Watch this space, the transformations.
Emily: They’re amazing. We look at our members in the studio, we see them training. They’re so much stronger and they’re so much happier. They’re just living such great lives, but you also see their physical difference and you see that transformation and just the photos are going to be epic. So that’s this weekend, and we are stoked. We’re so excited.
Bek: Totally. So we’re gearing up for the end of challenge, for a big party, and then we’re gearing up for our next challenge which starts on the 20th of October. So just a couple of weeks away. But the topic that we want to talk to you guys about today, obviously you kind of guessed it. We’re going to talk about alcohol.
Bek: So many people ask us questions, and one of the big questions around alcohol is, can you have alcohol when you’re on a challenge? Can you actually get the results that you want when drinking alcohol and doing everything else that you’re doing? Does it have an effect on your body and can you actually work it into everything you’re eating? Can you have vodka for dinner instead of food? Is that okay? Are all calories created equal? Now, Emily and I, when doing research on this topic, unfortunately-
Emily: We’re not experts. You see, I’m only just 18, and so I haven’t been drinking heaps. Bek, she’s like old but doesn’t drink.
Bek: Emily’s more of an alcoholic than I am.
Emily: That’s true. I’ve probably drank more in the last year than Bek has.
Bek: 100%, 100%. If I have like Bailey’s flavoured something, I’m like loose as a goose.
Emily: We’re not experts at all, so we would like to welcome Sharna, our alcohol expert to the table.
Bek: Hello. Oh look, you come bearing gifts.
Emily: Oh, there you go.
Bek: Can I just say, this is not an unusual occurrence for Sharna to walk in here with alcohol.
Emily: I think we have champagne in the fridge over there.
Bek: Yes we do.
Sharna: That’s not mine. That’s Mel’s. So realistically, your best bet is to go with your vodka lime and soda. A 250 ml glass of that … That’s not 250ml of vodka by the way. That’s a total glass.
Emily: I think you’d be …
Bek: We’d be…
Sharna: You’d be on the floor.
Bek: I would be like Tom Cruise on Oprah.
Sharna: Oh yeah.
Bek: I’m in love.
Sharna: A vodka lime and soda is about 99 calories, and that’s for a 250 ml glass. If you’re still drinking your little red wines and stuff like that because you’re still holding onto winter like I am, a 150 ml glass is about 125 calories. If you like to go out to the river and have a neck-o Prosecco, then-
Emily: That’s fancy.
Bek: I can’t even pronounce these things. A necka procheco.
Sharna: No. A 150 ML glass of Prosecco is about 100 calories. So it’s actually less than your red wine. If you have a pure blonde beer, which is one of my …
Emily: As displayed.
Bek: Here’s one we prepared earlier. Jeez.
Sharna: This is a 355 ml bottle. So way more actual liquid than the other drinks that I just mentioned. But there are 92 calories in this because pure blonde is actually considered a low carb beer. This is probably a better option to go for out of all of these. Now here’s a really big one that got me. Lots of people are like, “Oh, I don’t like a lot of alcohol. I drink like ciders and stuff like that.” The Rekorderlig apple and lime soda, which is a 500 ml bottle, that has 330 calories in it.
Sharna: And whilst all the other alcohols pretty much have no nutritional content, like they’ve got no carbs, they’ve got no protein, no fats or anything. Your Rikorderlig cider actually has 48 grams of carbs. So it is loaded with sugar. So out of all those, you can actually make better decisions in your alcohol. So that’s what it actually comes down to is kind of doing your research on what you’re drinking, working out what your carb levels in these drinks are. So some drinks are going to be way more sugary than others. And so if you are wanting to go out and have a couple of drinks with the girls or the boys, you’d be better off going with your low carb beers and going with like a white alcohol. So your gin, your vodka and those kinds of things and having them in a soda with a bit of lime and then you’re not kind of like cutting too hard into it.
Bek: The question about whether you should or shouldn’t replace dinner with the calories that you’re going to drink in alcohol … In short note, reason being is because when you’re training or even just in life in general, Emily touched last week on macro nutrients. Which is carbs, protein and fat, which are obviously essential nutrients that your body needs. They’re the building blocks of survival and performance. Alcohol doesn’t have any of those, so you’re increasing in calories, so your energy expenditure is being taken up, but you’re actually not getting any protein, any carbs, any fats. You’re getting sugar in some of them, which is in fact doing bad things. Read one article that said your body actually, when it gets alcohol in it, it filters it as waste. It’s the only nutritionally empty thing you can put in your body. As a matter of fact, it actually does worse to your body than what anything else does.
Bek: So it dehydrates you, it makes you sluggish, it slows down your central nervous system, it stops your muscle build, it increases fat gain and hold, your body wants to hold onto that. As we mentioned last week in terms of with your body, obviously trying to break down that you need to be eating the right things for your body to trust. Alcohol does the total opposite. So in short, no you can’t. You can’t at all.
Emily: Love it.
Emily: Alcohol abuse actually inhibits bone production, so it actually puts you at risk of, risk of osteoporosis. So it makes muscles weak, you can be more likely to cramp. Yes so, in general alcohol, we don’t recommend it. Yeah, it’s not the best thing to have. But you know, in saying that there are a few benefits, which Sharna is going to touch on. A few.
Bek: Emphasis on minor.
Sharna: Yeah, so obviously this is not applicable to all forms of alcohols or it’s not applicable to your scotches, your whiskeys and all that kind of stuff, but there is some actual validated research behind the heart health of drinking red wine. There have been studies that have shown that, you know, if a person has increased heart risk that their cholesterol levels actually subside by having a couple of drinks per week. So I think if I remember correctly, it was something like four out of seven days. So if you have one drink per night for four days and then three days off, there can actually be some benefits to having that. And that’s only one glass, and one actual standard glass not the whole entire …
Bek: Don’t do what my grandma did when this research first came out, my grandma used to buy those, what are they called? Like the flasks?
Sharna: Yeah.
Bek: Yeah like the really cheap red wine, and she was as drunk as a skunk all the time. What we do say to our members here is ideally we say, no, no, we don’t recommend alcohol. I personally can’t recommend it at all. However, if you do want to work it in like you know you’ve got a couple of events coming up where you do want to have a drink, that’s okay. Go over those options that Sharna suggested. You’ll still be able to work it into your calorie intake and it won’t detriment your body too much if you have just a little bit. Yes, calories in versus calories out, but you also want to keep in mind what it’s doing to the inside of your body.
Bek: Yeah, so that’s, that’s my note on that.
Sharna: I came for this.
Bek: So Sharna’s not going to take on any of my advice.
Sharna: Bye!
Bek: And that’s the tea. Moving right along to our pop culture segment. I know that this is what everyone’s been waiting for. Emzo, what do you want to bring to the table this week?
Emily: Instagram has pretty much removed diet posts and they’re restricting them as well as cosmetic surgeries. So essentially they are limiting the amount of content that’s getting out there about diet products. You know, like the skinny teas, fit teas, whatever those lollipops that Kim Kardashian –
Bek: Yeah.
Emily: Yeah. You know, like those things. All of those things, they’re trying to limit the amount that gets out to just try and promote a better mental health awareness and that on Instagram. So they’re restricting a lot of the content that gets through on your phone, and especially for under 18 year olds.
Emily: They’re putting age restrictions on, on the posts and that kind of thing. So –
Bek: And it’s about bloody time.
Emily: Yeah, it’s really interesting. So just, just be aware if it comes up on your feed, you can like report it and give Instagram feedback.
Bek: I think it’s about time. The thing with Instagram is Facebook obviously owns Instagram, they’re a multi-billion dollar company, about time they’re using their data for good.
Emily: Yes. Yeah.
Bek: You know, just like as you know, a parent can make a decision what a kid does and doesn’t watch on TV, I think it’s absolutely fantastic that this is occurring. Yeah, absolutely.
Emily: Yeah. So let us know what you think. If you ever see any posts that come up on your feed, let us know and be like, oh, Instagram hasn’t probably done its job. But it’s, yeah, it’s definitely to do with the promotion. So you know, you when people are like, “Oh, I have this fit tea, I’ve had miraculous weight loss, here’s my promo code,” they’re removing all of that. So you’re not going to see any of that.
Bek: Right. The pop culture thing that I’m bringing to the table… Australians, who has watched The Masked Singer? What a show. What an absolute show. Glued to the table. The table? The TV. Glued to the TV on this one. No, definitely not.
Bek: So, for those of you that haven’t watched The Masked Singer, you obviously weren’t one of the 1.16 million Australian viewers who watched the first episode the other night. Absolutely trumped every other show that was being played on TV, 245,000 in the Brisbane CBD area alone. So, well done. This show, Australia has gone all out. I cannot even begin to imagine what the budget is on this. They have had the top costume designers for the Australian theatrical companies actually design all of the costumes for this show. But for those of you that aren’t familiar with the show, they have 12 contestants and they’re all celebrities.
Bek: However, every celebrity is wearing a costume, and this costume is someone that actually describes who they are. So, for example, there’s a prawn. And the prawn comes out and has a voice dubbed over and explains in cryptic code who it is that they are. The judging panel, which by the way, all star judging panel. We have Jackie O, there’s Lindsay Lohan. How the hell did Lindsay Lohan get this gig? I just want to know. There’s a guy, which I can’t remember. What’s his name? [inaudible 00:14:01]?
Sharna: Hughsey?
Bek: David Hughes? Hilarious, hilarious. Thank goodness he’s on the show. Dani Minogue, and I think there might be another one.
Emily: I don’t know. I haven’t watched it.
Bek: I don’t know, there might be, there might not be. All star cast. And they use the cryptic clues that are given throughout the show to try and guess who this person is. This, they all come out, they sing a song in their actual voice and they have the most amazing commentary by the judges where the judges are like, “Oh, it’s Nikki Webster. Oh no, it’s not it’s Shane Warne.” Like, you know, it is absolutely fantastic and they all come out and then the judges are allowed to ask one question. So they can say like, “Have you ever appeared on a reality TV show before?” Or something like that. And the animal responds –
Emily: Animal?
Bek: Animal, whatever they are –
Emily: Costume.
Bek: Costume, responds in cryptic so they could be like, you know, “I started from the bottom, now I’m here,” and everyone’s like “Drake, it’s Drake.” You know, like … watch the first episode, I haven’t watched the second episode just yet. I’m not going to tell you guys that the second episode is Brett Lee. Don’t watch that. I accidentally stumbled upon that when I was doing my Wikipedia stalk and I’m so disappointed because I’m going to have to watch it knowing who it is, but the intensity and the drama and the lead up to it is so fantastic. If you have not watched it, please be one of the 1.16 million that watch it again. This show comes from the U.S. and I think it is going to be the new Australian Idol. If you can’t watch it when it’s actually airing, like busy people, just watch it online.
Emily: I didn’t even know about this show.
Bek: It’s like everyone’s watching it. It’s the number one watched show at the moment. 
Sharna: It’s been all over the radio.
Bek: Yes, it’s been all over the radio and Channel Ten’s thinking –
Emily: Well, I don’t listen to the radio.
Bek: Yeah, Channel Ten sneaky, sneaky released like in May, that they were doing it. And it went crazy. And as a result of that it’s just gone out of this world. So, and that’s the tea. Enjoy that one.
Bek: Please let us know if you do decide to drink alcohol, how you make those changes. Ask us any more questions that you have on the alcohol situation. Remember your sneaky, sneaky promo code-
Emily: It expires at midnight tonight.
Bek: Oh my gosh.
Emily: Midnight.
Bek: So jump on it. Remember we’ve got the brand new water bottles, we’ve got all the good apparel, we’ve got towels, booty program, everything. RBB Project, and that’s it.
Emily: Yeah, that’s it.
Bek: Over and out. We’re going to go finish this challenge up. Let’s do this. Woo!
Bek: Bombs away!