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Raw by Bek

The Raw by Bek Project Show – Episode 4

By October 11, 2019 No Comments

Episode 4 – How to tone up without getting bulky

In Episode 4 of the Project Show, we share the perfect formula for building muscle and toning up – but without looking bulky.

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Episode 4 – 10/10/19
Emily: Action.
Emily: You need to calm down.
Bek: Down.
Emily: Okay. So, Sharna just cut off the song too early…
Bek: That’s fine. 
Emily: Sharna, what are you doing, DJ girlfriend?
Bek: That’s fine. Hi everybody, and welcome to episode number four of the Raw by Bek Project show. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend that we just had here in beautiful Queensland. And if you are elsewhere in the world, I hope you’re enjoying your five day working week. But today, we going to chat to you guys about the topic of bulking and not bulking. Essentially, how to tone your body without bulking. Do we weight train? Do we not weight train? Is it cardio? How do we get that lean, toned look? We’re going to teach you as much as we possibly can about that, to make sure that you get sexy, hot, all those nice things, feel nice and confident for summer. We are literally just over a week away from our final eight week challenge.
Emily: Woo-hoo!
Bek:  Here in the studio. Which is so exciting! And, to tell us all about it. We have the number one, RBB’s first sign up for the next challenge, is already well and truly ready to go. Where is she?
Sharna: Who me?
Bek: Oh, hello. Hello Sharna.
Emily: Hello there.
Sharna: I didn’t know you were talking about me.
Bek: You look great.
Emily: Gearing up for the challenge?
Sharna: Yes I am.
Emily: Yeah?
Bek: You look great. Just move in here. Do you want to sit in the middle?
Emily: Yeah. Come here in.
Sharna: Sure, sure, sure.
Bek: Here. Pop up on the chair for us. There you go.
Sharna: So, we have coming up on the 20th of October, that’s a Sunday. We have our brand new eight week challenge starting. It’s the last one of the year. So, you need to get in quick. Especially if you want to be summer ready. So, we have two things. If you are not a member in the studio and you would like to see what all the fuss is about, because you’re watching our videos and everything and you’ve seen the live workouts or –
Bek: We do have a lot of fun. Just saying.
Emily: So much fun.
Sharna: Exactly. Oh, oh. Okay, bye.
Bek: Bye.
Emily: Charcoal thinks we have lots of fun.
Bek: Charcoal’s excited.
Sharna: Yes. Anyway. So, if you are not in the studio and you’d like to see what all of us is about and come and check us out, you can. Join us for the last eight week challenge of the year. You are going to want to get on board for this because, not only are you going to end up looking amazing in eight weeks, but we are going to have the most sensational end of year party. You have to be there.
Emily: Yes!
Sharna: So, what you have to do is go to www.rawbybek.com.au and then the rest will be very self explanatory. We will get your registration, that will come through. Now, if you are a member in the studio, you have priority booking. So, you just need to shoot us an email or you can come and chat to one of us in the studio and we can add your name to the registry list and Bob’s your uncle. You’ll be all set to –
Bek: Fanny’s your aunt. Bob’s your uncle. Fanny’s your aunt.
Sharna: Exactly. So, yeah. Everything is super simple. We would love to have you on board to do the last eight week challenged with us. It’s going to be so much fun.
Bek: Sharna thinks she’s going to win.
Emily: Yep.
Sharna: Yes.
Bek: But just quietly, I think you will. So we want you.
Sharna: Yes.
Bek: Sharna. I don’t want to give Sharna the $400 cash. I think it should go to you.
Sharna: Or, you know, you could give it to me. But, yeah. So, get on board. Come and join us. We have so much fun. You’re going to end up feeling really great.
Bek: You’ll look amazing.
Sharna: You look amazing. You’ll –
Bek: Have the best time.
Sharna: … feel so confident when you go on your summer vacation and –
Emily: In those bikinis.
Sharna: Yes. Even if you’re a guy, you will –
Emily: Wearing those bikinis.
Sharna: You’ll look amazing in those bikinis.
Bek: We won’t judge.
Sharna: We will not judge.
Bek:We don’t judge.
Sharna: Hey, you know, rock a cheeky Brazilian.
Emily: Sharna tried on some Brazilian bikini’s yesterday.
Sharna: There was way too much ass on display.
Emily: It was. It was… the front or the back. We don’t know.
Sharna: Way too much ass.
Bek: Does she wear it or floss with it? That’s what I want to know.
Sharna: It might as well have been a G-string. That’s all I’m saying.
Bek: Hey, whatever floats your boat.
Sharna: So, if you know where I can find full coverage, high waisted, high cut bikini bottoms… I know that’s a very niche kind of pair pants I’m describing.
Bek: No. I’ll wear them too.
Sharna: But hey, if anyone knows where I can find them, let me know because I’m looking for them. I don’t want to be showing my ass on display. Anyway, that was an interesting segue.
Bek: Are you going to go slay this challenge?
Sharna: Yes I am.
Bek: Yay!
Sharna: So, I’ll see you all on the 20th of October.
Emily: Spaces are limited. So, get in quick.
Sharna: When we’re getting our body scans. Yes. You must. It is the law.
Emily: Bye.
Sharna: Bye.
Bek: What a woman. Sorry. Now that we’ve gotten through that, we’re going to chat to you guys about our topic for the day, which is toning and how to tone your body without bulking. I know you don’t want to bulk. We want to get that nice lean, sexy muscle. We want to look great naked or in minimal clothing. But also feel really confident about ourselves. And so, quite often people are a little bit apprehensive to know, Oh, what is the right type of training for me to do, to actually build that lean, toned physique? So, I’m going to show you a little something, something.
Bek: So, do you do cardio or do you do weight training? My answer is you need to do a combination of the two. Reason being is that… I want to show you. So, let’s just say that this is one kilo of muscle, right? And this is one kilo of fat. So, both weigh the same. Both feel exactly the same, but look at how much space one kilo effect takes up in your body, as opposed to one kilo of muscle. It’s way more dense. It’s tight. However, it actually burns three times the amount of calories as this. So, the more muscle you have, whilst you may weigh more on the scales, you’re actually leaner. You look smaller. You’re tighter and your metabolism is higher, because your body is naturally burning more calories, purely from you just existing. So, that’s why we talk about doing a combination of the two.
Bek: Now, how do you build muscle without getting that bulky… I know you know what I mean, right? We recommend high intensity interval training. Who would have thought? So, what that means is that you do full body resistance training. Stuff that challenges your body and that you lift as heavy as possible. But, you do it in a way that it is intervaled with explosive movements. This is going to activate every element of your body to help increase your metabolism, shred fat, and essentially keep you in what is known as the anaerobic zone.
Bek: So, we have the aerobic zone, which is like aerobics. You work aerobically all day, right? So all day long, when you’re walking around that’s aerobic. Anaerobic is that very, very finite, special little, 15 second block that you go into when you do explosive training or hard weight training. That’s why at RBB, we work all of our workouts around this, to ensure that you build a lean, fit, toned physique, where you may weigh the same on the scales, or you might even weigh more, but damn you look good. Because one kilo, one kilo… I think I know what I’m going to choose.
Emily: And so on that –
Bek: Sorry.
Emily: Goodness. So obviously, you want to do some cardio training. But in addition to that, you want to build muscle. And so, to build muscle you actually have to do some resistance training. Typically, that means that you’re lifting your weights, and you’re actually breaking down muscle as you lift those weights, which people think is like counter-intuitive. It’s like, you’re breaking your muscle, to be honest. And so, when you break down those muscle fibers, your body then uses carbohydrates, proteins that you fuel your body. So, food you fuel your body with. Then it creates new muscle fibers and then more muscle fibers. So pretty much, that’s called the process of hypertrophy. That means that you’re building more muscle. So, when you build more muscle you have to do resistance training. That’s why the combination is the best bet. You need to do a bit of both.
Bek: Absolutely. So, it’s definitely not one or the other. It’s a combination of the two. That’s why we recommend getting yourself obviously, to a trainer or into a studio or somewhere.
Emily: Into a nice studio like, oh Raw by Bek… oh!
Bek: Oh. But, somewhere that actually is able to guide you through. Because let’s be honest, we’re all busy people. We don’t want to go in and just kind of be walking around blindly. So that’s why we recommend going in and getting the biggest bang for your buck, in the shortest period of time. Leave this place feeling the best you ever have. Looking the best you ever have. This is going to be your best summer ever. Just quietly, I’m so excited.
Emily: Summer 2019, here we come.
Bek: Okay. Anyways, we’re going to move now, into our pop culture segment. I don’t know if everybody is a fan of Gossip Girl or just Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in general.
Emily: In Deadpool.
Bek: Deadpool, yeah. They are a couple goals. They’re both really beautiful people.
Emily: They are.
Bek: The prodigies that they would create is just out of this world. Obviously, something that you’d want to share with the world. I created a really gorgeous child… 
Emily: Or do they?
Bek: Or do they? Not only did they keep their pregnancy under wraps, they actually gave birth to their third child two months ago and no one had any idea.
Emily: What?
Bek: I mean, I don’t know whether the tabloids kind of just lost track of the time, and they were like, Oh, has it been nine months?
Emily: No. Surely not.
Bek: I don’t know whether it’s because they didn’t know when she first got pregnant, but could you imagine hiding a baby for two months? Like, what that actually looks like. Going to the hospital, giving birth to the baby –
Emily: Taking the baby home. Living with the baby.
Bek: Did she stay inside for two months? Like, not go any – But, you can’t walk your baby in the park, you can’t do any of those sorts of things. So, it’s really interesting. I don’t know how she’s done it. But, Kylie Jenner kept her entire pregnancy quiet. We didn’t even know she was pregnant. So, there all things that you can do, but it just shows probably, the level of security that they have. The work that they had to do it, just to enjoy the first two months with their baby. Which I think is nice.
Emily: And so that’s baby number three?
Bek:  It’s baby number three.
Emily: Wow. It’s a girl, hey?
Bek: I don’t know.
Emily: I think it’s a girl. Well, okay. So, my pop culture segment. I’m really surprised to hear that Usain Bolt, everyone knows he’s the fastest man alive, right? Faster than Bek.
Bek: That’s my Usain Bolt.
Emily: Wait, wait. Is that it? Yeah.
Bek: And he takes his shoe off and he’s like…
Emily: So, Usain Bolt, fastest man alive. He broke lots and lots of world records. But, we’ve just had a . female break all of his records. What?
Bek: Yeah, girls. Yeah, girls.
Emily: And, she gave birth to a kid, a child just 10 months prior to breaking that record.
Bek: What a woman. What a woman. Mind blowing. Mind blowing.
Emily: Yeah, the girls. Yeah, the girls. So –
Bek: All the women, independent. Throw your hands up at me.
Emily: Throw your hands up at me.
Emily: So, Allyson Felix is her name. She broke Usain Bolt’s world record.
Bek: Allyson, if you’re watching this, you go girlfriend. You go Glen Coco.
Emily: You’re amazing. We love you.
Bek: You’re amazing.
Emily: Go girl.
Bek: Now, what I just want to say on this is, isn’t it incredible that as humans we are getting better?
Emily: Yeah. Stronger, faster, smarter. It’s mind blowing how far we’ve come.
Bek: The 1970s world records is now what 14 year olds are doing. You know? It is out of this world. Imagine where we’re going to be in 10, 20, 50 years time? Well on that note, we have a lot of training to do. We have literally, just over a week until the next eight week challenge. So, we’re setting up to make this the greatest eight week challenge ever. Summer 2019 / 2020 is going to be your best summer yet. We cannot wait to take you guys on the greatest journey of your life, this far. Please let us know if at anytime you have questions, comments, thoughts, ponderings, anything. We are here to help you as much as possible. We hope you guys have the best day ever. Love you. X O X O.
Bek: Gossip Girl.
Emily: Gossip Girl.