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Raw by Bek

The Raw by Bek Project Show – Episode 5

By January 7, 2020 No Comments

Episode 5 – Do Carbs Make You FAT??

Episode 5 of the Project Show features all things carbs – what are carbs?, should we eat them? how much should we eat?, and so much more!

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Episode 5 – 17/10/19
Music:(Singing) I will always want you. I came in like a wrecking ball. I never hit so hard in love. All I wanted was to break your walls. All you ever did was wreck me. I came in like a wrecking ball. Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung. Left me crouching in a blaze and fall. All you ever did was wreck me. Yeah, you wreck me.
Emily: (Singing) You wrecked me.
Bek: (Singing) me.
Bek: That harmony was gorgeous. Hello everybody and welcome to episode number, what is this, four?
Emily: Five.
Bek: … Five of the Raw by Bek Project. Now, you may have noticed that we’re channeling our inner 18 year olds at the moment, which is essentially-
Emily: Which is what I am.
Bek:  … Emily right now. But details, schmetails! But today we’re talking about a little bit of the Miley Cyrus situation. So we thought in honor of her, @mileycyrus, we’re going to dress up like you circa 2013 just to keep it funky and fresh. And obviously today we’re also going to talk to you about carbs. What are they? Are they good for you? Are they bad for you? Do they make you fat? Do they make you explode? Should you go no carbs? Should you go carbs? All the rest of it. Massive topic. We’ll break it down as much as we possibly can for you. But just to let you guys know what we’ve been very busily doing in the studio-
Emily: So busy!
Bek: … besides our hair, is we are gearing up for the next eight week challenge, which starts this coming Sunday-
Emily: This Sunday.
Bek: 20th of October. It is so exciting. The last one for 2019. I’m excited. Are you excited Emily?
Emily: I am so excited.
Bek: Oh, the- 
Sharna: I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m excited too. 
Bek: Oh hello. Hello?
Emily: What have you got there?
Sharna: I have chips. Because I can’t eat any carbs while you’re on the challenge hey? Got to cut all the carbs out. All the chocolate, all sugar, no potato.
Bek: So where did you get-
Sharna: No potato!
Bek: … where did you get those chips from?
Sharna:I got them from the Carvery across the road.
Bek: Now I know that that place is open at five o’clock in the morning. Please do not go there.
Sharna: And it smells really good.
Bek: It actually does.
Sharna: Sometimes you can smell bacon and eggs-
Emily: And they come wafting…
Sharna: … wafting into the studio.
Bek: So are you going to eat that whole thing?
Sharna: Mmmm. Yeah I might. Well unless I share it with Charcoal.
Bek: No, no, no, no.
Bek: So, are you having this as your last hurrah?
Sharna: Mm-hmm. I sure am. No carbs.
Bek: So Sharna’s carb loading so that she wins the challenge.
Sharna: Yes. I’m bulking and then I’ll shred. Carbs, no carbs.
Bek: Okay, there’s an awful lot of stigmatism there. So I think Emily we really need to…
Emily: I think we need to fix up that-
Sharna: We’re going to go and finish eating our chips.
Bek: So Sharna obviously dresses like she’s in the 1970s, her mindset is obviously still there as well.
Emily: Yes.
Bek: Yeah. So I think we get right into this topic.
Emily: I think so too.
Bek: Yeah cool. So, okay if you have friends, if you even dabble in society, you will understand that there are a million different diets out in the world and the majority of them are low carb. You can purchase so many low carb things. People talk about Keto, buzz word at the moment. People talk about all things low carb, because that’s the best way to lose fat.
Bek: So we’re going to debunk a couple of the myths for you today around do you need carbs? What types of carbs are good carbs? What types of carbs are bad carbs? Are they created equal and how can you actually eat them and still lose fat?
Emily: Yeah.
Bek: Personally, I love carbs. Do you?
Emily: Oh, I love carbs.
Bek: Emily, before this was like, “Can I have the chips?” So-
Emily: Yeah-
Sharna: I love carbs!
Bek: Sharna also loves carbs.
Emily: Charcoal loves the carbs. We love carbs.
Bek: So, okay, first things first. If you cut carbs out of your diet, what are you actually doing? I think that’s one of the main questions is you want to understand what is a carb, what isn’t a carb? Because a lot of people say to me, “Hey, I’ve been cutting carbs out of my diets so I’m just eating a lot of fruit.”
Emily: Ah, correction.
Bek: Yeah, it’s totally… yeah.
Emily: So fruit is actually a carbohydrate. It’s fructose. All of the oses, they’re carbs.
Bek: 100%, so anything that is an ose, glucose, fructose, sucrose, everything, they’re sugars and carbs. And there are two different types of carbs, we have complex and we have simple carbohydrates. Both of them are actually essential for survival, both of them are actually essential for performance, and both of them are essential for fat loss. Now, if you do go on a low carb diet, initially what’s going to happen? You’ll lose some bloating, so it’ll look like you’re losing weight and you will actually lose numbers on the scales. However, unfortunately, have you ever seen anyone do a low carb diet and actually come back from it and maintain a lean weight?
Emily: What actually happens there, yo-yo up and down.
Bek: Which essentially means you lose a crap ton of muscle and that slows your metabolism down. Which is not what we want to do. Remember we want to build lean fit toned bodies. So we actually want to get leaner, maintain our muscles, shred some fat. So in order for you to do these things, you actually need what is known as a carbohydrate. It is essential for brain function. It is essential for everything that you do in terms of acting, performing everything that you do in your life, moving around, jumping, running, sleeping, eating…
Emily: Everything.
Bek: Everything. So what I would recommend is you have some really awesome go-tos where you know, what is a good carb, what is a bad carb? Or essentially what is a complex carb and what is a simple carb? So we have two different types of carbohydrates in life. There are complex and there are simple. Now let’s talk about complex carbohydrates. So these are the carbohydrates that are slow releasing. So your body breaks them down over a period of time, which means it actually gives you elongated energy., Things like this are brown rice, whole grains, quinoa, sweet potato, anything that if you would or soak it in water, it wouldn’t change. So if you think about cereal. Put cereal in water, shh. Put bread in water, shh. It’s a simple carbohydrate, it changes, which means it’s in the simplest form, which means it has a much higher sugar content.
Bek: Now, those sorts of simple carbohydrates are essential in certain elements, but other simple carbohydrates is also soft drink, chips, lollies… Fruit is a simple carbohydrate. Anything that essentially is higher in fructose, sucrose and glucose, which means it’s higher in sugar.
Emily: So around that you want to work out your timing of when you’re eating these carbohydrates. So essentially if we’re talking about working out, when you’re preparing for your workouts, so pre-workout, you actually want to be having those high GI simple carbohydrates. And so those are things like banana. You want to have half a banana before your workout. You know why? Because it’s going to hit your bloodstream a little bit faster, and release that glucose into your bloodstream, therefore giving your muscles and your body energy during the workout. And then after your workout you actually want to do the same thing. So that’s why are we go for another little piece of fruit or something else that’s simple, high GI that’ll hit your bloodstream quicker and it’ll reabsorb into those muscles. Just getting all the nutrients back into those muscles that you just depleted.
Bek: Absolutely. And on that, after your workout, you want to make sure that you combo your simple carbohydrate with an incredible source of protein. And what that’ll do is just because in your workout, you’ve depleted all of your energy sources. Your glucose levels are lower, they’re going to want to rebuild. And if you don’t have the protein in with your carbohydrates, what’s going to happen is that your muscles aren’t going to know how to rebuild.
Bek: And so what you’re wanting to do is just have those in your diet so that you rebuild muscle as opposed to store that energy as fat.
Emily: Yeah. And so a perfect example of a post-workout food is a banana smoothie. So you have half a banana, and then you pop in protein powder. So then you’ve got that combination of carb and protein and you whip it up with some water and some ice. That’s the perfect go to combination there.
Bek: Absolutely. And then an hour later, that’s when you have your complex carbohydrates and that is the type of carbohydrate that’s actually going to fuel your brain all throughout the day. If you were to have a simple carbohydrate throughout the day and you were just sitting-
Emily:  You would actually crash. You would fall asleep. So you know those times when you’re at work and you just had a sandwich but you haven’t had much on your sandwich. So for example, you’ve had two pieces of bread and maybe one slice of cheese. See, this is where you want to have those other things to compliment that same story. So if you’re having one of those cheese sandwiches and you feel like you’re at work you can just like, “Oh.” You’re having those moments where you’re crashing. The 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM in the afternoon. That’s actually because you’ve had some form of simple carbohydrate that’s hit your bloodstream very quickly, but you’ve done nothing with that. And so your body is like, “Oh! Up and down.” So that’s why your blood sugar levels will change.
Bek: Absolutely. And if you’re having those all throughout the day, but your body is actually not burning that or using it as fuel, that is when your carbohydrates will be stored as fat.
Bek: So you need to make sure that you’re having complex carbohydrates all throughout your day. MyFitnessPal, yet again we’ve talked about it so much. You want to essentially… A really nice macro breakdown like we’ve talked about is 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fats. So you have 30% of your diet that needs to be carbohydrates. Why not get MyFitnessPal, start to have a look at the percentage breakdown. It’s incredible. If you’re not actually hitting your carbohydrate levels in terms of if you’re going under, that is also detrimental to fat loss. So you want to make sure that you are nailing that. So our recommendation is get MyFitnessPal and just start to become so conscious of what types of carbohydrates you’re having, whether you’re just having sugar, because that is going to store as fat unless it is around your workouts, then it will be used. Start with that and just see how your body changes, how your sleep changes, how you feel in every element of your day.
Emily: So next time you say I’ve cut out carbs from my life, question what actually you are cutting out, have you cut out pasta, bread, pizza or have you cut out the whole range of carbohydrates?
Bek: Absolutely. Because that is in our humble opinion a no-no. So make sure that you don’t. And if you want to dabble with low carb diets, please actually chat with a professional and they’ll be able to make sure that what you do is actually the right thing for you. Right?
Bek: So now I know that everybody is obviously focusing on this element, but we just want to take a little bit of time to inform you as much as we possibly can. Now someone asked me the other day, “Are you into politics? Are you into the news,” and I was like, “Ask me anything pop culture and I’ll know.” So we’ve got your back on this one. Miley Cyrus. Can we please have the conversation? I don’t even know. The thing is, is I don’t even know by the time that this airs, if the story’s going to change.
Emily: It probably will! Something will happen.
Bek: Oh, okay, so back story. She’s filming the Last Song 10 years ago, she meets this beautiful Australian boy, he’s sweet, Liam Hemsworth. What a babe. They hit it off. 10 years later they get married. Eight months into their marriage, and 15 pets later, they parted ways. They parted ways.
Bek: The day after they part ways, which I beg to differ, was it actually a day after they broke up or is it-
Emily: Was it a long time coming?
Bek: Yeah, have they actually separated six months prior, two months into their marriage or whatever and they’ve just not announced it to society and now they’ve announced it because Miley’s decided to move on? But plot twist, she moves onto Kaitlynn Carter. Now, for those of you that have watched the brand new season of the Hills, I’ve got your back. We all know Kaitlynn Carter as Brody Jenner’s wife. And Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter were on the rocks from the get go. They were trying to have a baby. It was not working well, it was doomed to fail. But then something happens and Miley Cyrus decides to go on a yacht with Kaitlynn Carter, they decide to hit it off and all of a sudden they’re having a hot girl summer on the yacht, Instagramming all of that.
Emily: So they’ve both just broken up with their partners. To the yacht…
Bek: … get together. So I’m like, now okay, are Liam and what’s his chops going to get together? Is that…?
Emily: Brody and Liam!
Bek: Can you imagine that, Brody and Liam? But everyone kind of understands that Liam’s being very quiet about this up until a certain point. Miley’s being very vocal about it-
Emily: So vocal, she’s tweeted, she has put everything out there, but what does she do next?
Bek: 100% publicity stunt.
Emily: Oh yes.
Bek: Just saying. Then, on the 3rd of October. So it’s two, three weeks after hot girl summer, she goes to hospital for some random reason and then all of a sudden on her Instagram story pops up this black and white selfie of her and Cody Simpson. Exit stage left Cody Simpson. Okay. So for those who do that don’t know who Cody Simpson is he sings that song, what is it? (Singing).
Bek: Obviously he was before my time, after my time. He’s a gold coast boy I think. So she’s gone for the Australian thing.
Emily: So she tweeted about it. Australians are her type, definitely.
Bek: Understandably, but so Cody Simpson, she’s now with Cody Simpson, who’s four years her junior or something. Which I mean age is just number, whatever. Is this a publicity stunt? When has the Cody… How do you become boyfriend and girlfriend in the span of two weeks when two weeks prior she was with someone else. I don’t know, I’m really interested to see how this all unfolds. And then up until this point-
Emily: So Liam’s just been-
Bek: Dead quiet.
Emily:… quiet. And then all of a sudden they’re out on some red carpet. There’s lots of red carpets in America, you know that, but they’re out on one red carpet and all of a sudden he’s having this passionate make out session with his new love interests.
Bek: I don’t understand it.
Emily: Okay. So we’ve got Miley and an Australian, then we’ve got Liam and an Australian.
Bek: Yeah, so she’s hooked up… He’s hooked up. She and her both hooked up with Australians-
Emily: With an Australian. So obviously we just make babes.
Bek:  Are we loose?
Emily: Probably, I don’t know. But-
Bek: Guard your carnal treasure!
Emily: So, Liam has hooked up with the girl from-
Bek: Dynasty!
Emily: … Dynasty, the Australian. So her name was Kirby? She was the ranger, oh I don’t want to say that. She was the red head.
Bek: Rangers are people too miss! Oh but miss, they’re everywhere. Jonah, rangers are not a race. Oh but miss, they’re everywhere.
Emily: Someone’s been watching Jonah from Tonga.
Bek: Jonah from Tonga is my life. Come on now, anyway.
Emily: So, she was the red headed from Dynasty and yeah, they just were caught making out on the one of the red carpets and-
Emily: Strut your stuff.
Bek: Yeah. Anyways, we have an eight week challenge that is coming up and-
Emily: Sunday! We have literally how many sleeps? Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night.
Bek: Three. Three sleeps to go.
Emily: That is three sleeps.
Bek: So if you guys have not yet signed up for the eight week challenge and you’re on the fence, oh my gosh, this is the indication, this is the little that you guys need-
Emily: This is our final challenge for 2019. Get on it.
Bek: It’s going to be amazing. And the biggest thing is is we are on board to help you every step of the way. So if you’re like, “Yep, I want to know a starting point and a finishing point and I want everything in between looked after for me,” we’re your girls. Come see us and we’ll have a lot of fun in the process.
Emily: Just head to www.rawbybek.com.au. There’ll be a pop up click on it and it’ll take you there. But is that all?
Bek: I think that’s everything.
Emily: That’s everything.
Bek: We’ve got a challenge to do. Bye!
(Singing) But here I am Next to you The sky is more blue In Malibu Next to you In Malibu Next to you We watched the sun go down as we were walking.