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Raw by Bek


Got cabin fever? For the FIRST TIME ever, we have taken our in-studio workouts ONLINE! Getting your daily dose of live-streamed workouts and moving your body with us anywhere in the world (or in your bedroom). No additional equipment needed!

You get:

– 3x Daily Live Streamed Workouts

– Dietitian Approved Meal Plans

– Additional Workout Videos (for when you don’t wanna livestream)

– Access to our Exclusive Online Community

– The Support YOU Need to Achieve Your Goals Even in Isolation

– How-to Resources

– Goal Tracking

– One-on-one weekly check ins with RBB team

Quick, convenient and personalised workouts for you to workout anywhere – small spaces, garages, bedrooms, and the like – all with the constant support of our RBB Online Community. With the convenience of live-streaming, you can simply switch on, and follow along with fun, easy-to-follow, to-the-beat workouts designed to help you feel good! 

Whether you want to lose fat or stay fit, we have something for all fitness levels! Our workouts are easy and effective, designed to give you the best results in the shortest time.

And the best part about all of it is you will never train alone when you train with RBB. Achieving your goals is always easier with a community of like-minded individuals encouraging and motivating you along the way. These past weeks have shown just how supported you will be through every victory with our team of trainers, athletes and others just like you. 

“For the first time EVER I’ve actually done 3 classes in the past 3 days! I usually find it hard getting to the studio that regularly cause of work, so it’s actually been really good being able to use the videos at any time of the day. So at the moment I’m still committed and loving classes! Thank you and the team for putting up such great workouts. You’re all so encouraging and positive and it really feels like I’m in the studio with you.” – RBB Online Member

“I have never sweat so much in a class before in my life!!!!! And I absolutely LOVE the variation. Already seeing the difference in my body after just a few days.” – RBB Online Member 

“You are doing such a super job providing us with 3 workouts a day!!! Your special touch engaging with the lives makes it feel more real. Had me today those single leg squats when I heard you call my name. Anyway, just wanted to thank the entire RBB team for all that you do. I like that if Im working – which I got asked unexpectedly to do tomorrow, I can always catch the class later on which I couldn’t previously do. So I’m getting those extra classes I would usually miss due to logistics. Love ya!” – RBB Online Member