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Raw by Bek

Q&A | Eating Healthy on a Budget, How to Get Motivated & Shredding on a Vegan Diet?

Eating healthy on a budget is possible! We share our tips and tricks on sticking to a budget AND eating healthy; and give you key pointers on how to get motivated, stay motivated, and achieve all your goals – even in winter! PLUS – is it possible to get lean, fit and strong on a vegan diet?

BEK: You look good 

JACINTA: Thank you 

BEK: I like your hair


BEK: Hi everybody 


BEK: Welcome to our offices, this is our RBB HQ, where the dream happens 

JACINTA: This is where charcoal sits

BEK: This is her lair. So we have had so many people message us and be like hey, I’m struggling with this what is your, you know, opinion on this that and the other. So well like let’s just compact everything into 5-10 minutes of absolute goodness answering all your questions and then we can do more of these. 

JACINTA: Absolutely and especially at a time like this where everything has just been so uncertain it’s been so difficult to maintain routine we get that because everything’s just being flipped on its head, what are some things that we can do to really stay consistent and create some healthy habits to carry through into the other side. 

BEK: We can do as many Q and A’s as you want we can even do some lives whatever it is that you guys want, we’re here to please. Number one question…how do you cook healthy food on a budget for a whole family? At a time like this you want be eating well but you want to be, you know, cooking lots so kind of like you know doing things. So Jacinta, what’s one little thing that you do..

JACINTA: Buying as much fresh produce as possible often like we think prepackaged

stuff is cheaper but if you’re buying things involved especially if you’re cooking for a family buying fresh produce from markets is a really great way to go. 

BEK: sorry let’s just fix my pants up.

BEK: That is another one thing is people think if I eat really really fresh it’s gonna blow my budget and it’s absolutely the cheapest thing in my cart it’s always fruit and veg yeah and also thinking of things that are going to really like fill it out eating seasonally, carrots, capsicum, cucumber, whatever it is that is in season right now it’s gonna be cheaper. Bulking things up with like brown rice. yes protein is expensive but if you, again, get stuff in bulk we’ve got a butcher can be a little bit cheaper. You have fruit and veggies right you have a really good source of carbohydrates and you’re protein obviously fats as well really. 

JACINTA: And as a family you have that opportunity to buy things in bulk. 

BEK: The next question is how do you oh thanks for this one guys how do you always look so good after training oh it’s like you sparkle WTF 

JACINTA: little secret it is definitely not the case it’s definitely the trick of the light maybe the camera our hair for instance is like soggy wet mess. 

BEK: I actually repulse myself.

JACINTA: Disgusting.

JACINTA: Do you know what I reckon as well I reckon we’ve like pushed pushed into that zone of light the sweat isn’t just like drops and like red-faced it’s actually like all over our skin so maybe that comes off as like some kind of like glow you don’t like sunlight glistens on the water like one smooth it’s what our skin is. 

BEK: It’s like a film

JACINTA: I look at her and she looks at me were like well oh good yeah that was a good workout. 

BEK: Next question how do I get motivated to get out of bed and exercise I’m totes not an early bird. You know who else wasn’t an early bird a couple of months ago

JACINTA: was not an early bird. hate mornings. yeah I’ve just always struggled with mornings even now my brain still comes alive at night and I want to work at night however consistency, create a habit, changes everything, even if I’m not training at 5:30 or early in the morning my body will still wake me up 6-7 a.m while you go to ensure that you’re still getting enough sleep so you do have to shift things and get to bed earlier but it’s an intentional decision, generally takes 21 days to make I habit so you’ve really just got to stick through those first three weeks really do the hard yards there and it will become easier. accountability, I encourage you to pair up buddy up with someone that perhaps is a morning person because otherwise you can both fall into the same trap together.

BEK: And that’s what we’re here for and remember the feeling of how good you feel we get up and do it. 

JACINTA: it’s it’s tough it is it’s so rough to begin with me it really is.

BEK: the flesh is weak 

JACINTA: but now, six months later.

BEK: look at it now.

BEK: Next question, I want to go vegan but I’m worried that it’s not sustainable with exercising will I still feel good and get results out of being a diet

JACINTA: I would say yes you can absolutely do it it’s just uh you do have to be a little bit more intentional on getting your protein and things like that from other sources 

BEK: knowledge is key. okay girls real talk we are so smart as women but we allow ourselves to be dumb, learn, what is a protein what is a fat and what isa carbohydrate. what are the sources of those things in a vegan diet. that’s why we have meal plans and dietitians that we work with to give you the tools or the resources you need all you need to do is look carbs protein fat get those food sources in and it’s exactly the same as if you were eating animal product 

JACINTA: another point on that especially as women one thing that we need to get lot of and a lot of a struggle with is iron. 

BEK: yes. 

JACINTA: that’s another thing with vegan I know that so you’d be worried that they’re not going to get enough iron as a lot of that like the main kind of source of that is Red meat but again educate yourself you can get it from things like like all your green veggies things like spinach. Popping baby spinach in a smoothie you can’t actually taste it 

BEK: next question does it ever get easier 

JACINTA: okay exactly what we just talked about before takes 21 days to make a routine those first three weeks even four weeks because you still wanna you can’t get 21 days okay cool I’m set you still have to make an intentional decision every day, however it does get easier from that point on we have consistency is key

BEK: it’s all in your mind, all here

JACINTA: Repetition creates muscle memory 

BEK: you have to have a why as well so you’ve got to have a reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

JACINTA: start is always the hardest, always the hardest so it’s it’s it’s that first step of making intentional decisions goal-setting is an awesome way to do it. Writing them down physically looking at them and every day when you wake up you look at those three things and go okay I’m gonna intentionally choose these things today for 21 days minimum 

BEK: write it all up along everywhere I’m my right up on here. say it believe it achieve it 

JACINTA: and surround yourself with the right people to encourage you to get that 

BEK: which is why we run things like challenge speaking of which we do have a 30 day challenge starting that so that’s next Saturday so it’s on the 23rd of May we are launching an online because the studio is still closed but yeah it’s for four weeks 30 days, we will literally give you 17 live stream workouts a week meal plans accountability support everything you need 

JACINTA: it is the perfect reset for you and your mind especially coming out the other side of covid BEK: so if you guys do have any questions please keep hitting us up here to help you every step of the way. in the meantime I hope that these questions helped you and send more our way we’ll answer them. if we don’t know the answers we’ll find the answers. we love youuu.

BEK:The other day Jacinta rocked up wearing cowboy boots

JACINTA: I wasn’t wearing cowboy boots. Its because I had track pants on over the top cause its so cold and if you put your sneakers on then you have to take your sneakers off 

BEK: I love that she’s addressing this now