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Shred, Burn, Restore, or a little bit of everything? You’ve got 7 days to get a taste of the best group fitness experience in Brisbane!
What They’re Saying

“Not going to lie, but before I started Raw I pretty much thought it was a dancing class for girls. Now, I reckon it's the hardest workout I've ever done. Hands down. I'd recommend it to any guy.”


“Raw is being able to step outside of your comfort zone and stretch to unknown limits in a safe, secure and supportive environment ”


“I am fitter and healthier and 8kg lighter than I have been in a long time. Not bad for 55 years young... Role on the next 55 years!”


“What drew me initially to Raw was seeing a group of impressive women who were older than me doing deadlifts, clean & press and SMASHING it - but also having a good time in the process.”


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Proven method that gets you results, fast!


Catering for all fitness levels, a fully comprehensive timetable of cardio, strength, core and stretch classes.


Stream your favourite Raw by Bek workouts and stay motivated when and where you want them with Raw Online. You’ll never run out of new workouts!

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Filled with delicious, affordable, easy-to-follow recipes that ignite your metabolism and make you feel amazing!

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