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“RBB is a whole new level! After a few classes, it was like I'd been bitten by the bug. I couldn't believe how motivated I felt! I've never before wanted to actually come to classes, now I LOVE it! The feeling is incredible!”


“I love the sense of community, the incredibly motivating music, and the suppportive environment! It's such a good vibe; you don't feel lost here, you come together and you do it together. I don't ever feel intimidated!


“I am fitter and healthier and 8kg lighter than I have been in a long time. Not bad for 55 years young... Role on the next 55 years!”


“What drew me initially to Raw was seeing a group of impressive women who were older than me doing deadlifts, clean & press and SMASHING it - but also having a good time in the process.”


“It just makes me so happy! The people, what we do. I feel so included here. I now have a sense of worth! Everyone celebrates everyone's victories, everyone lifts each other up, we are all building each other up!”