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What They’re Saying

“ When I signed up for the 8-week challenge in January, I was uncertain and hesitant. I didn't know if I could do it. But I pushed myself and received amazing support. Eight weeks later the change I saw in myself was incredible. I felt like a new person. Seven months later I feel happy, healthy and strong.”


“I am constantly inspired by the trainers and the Raw community each and every time I train. It's the first studio I've been to where I feel excited to come back day after day.”


“Raw isn't your usual group exercise class, it is revolutionary and scientifically-proven effective training, a lifestyle, and a community of like-minded fitness-driven people. I am absolutely privileged to be part of it.”


“The added value you get with Raw goes beyond your standard gym: creative meal plans, knowledge & education from professionals, group social activities, supportive environment, recognised achievements & authentic FRIENDSHIPS with likeminded people.”


Everything You Need

Training Program

Catering for all fitness levels, a fully comprehensive mix of cardio, strength, core and stretch workouts.

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Filled with delicious, affordable, easy-to-follow recipes that ignite your metabolism and make you feel amazing!

Insane Results

Proven method that gets you results, fast!

Constant Support

Goal setting, progress tracking, emotional support, re-focusing, and more!

Online Forum

Have all your questions answered, receive the support you need 24/7!

InBody Scans

The most advanced breakdown to assess where your body is truly at inside and out.